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Monday, June 30, 2014

Important Tips to Using Video as a Marketing Tool

Video is a great way to reach your audiences and really touch them in a way no other type of media can. By engaging both their senses of sight and hearing, audiences are treated to a more immersive experience than they would otherwise have when simply reading successive blocks of text. It is for precisely this reason that many businesses are turning to video as a marketing tool to reach out to new customers and draw them in.

When marketing with video, it is important to remember the following things:

  • Your video must always provide your customers with value. There are several ways that it can do this, including showing customers how to solve certain problems (how-to videos, tutorials, etc.) or providing them with new information (news, documentaries, etc.). You could also use video as an interactive element, providing the setting for quizzes, surveys, and the like.
  • Never forget about the technical side of video search engine optimization—after all, you’re trying to reach the maximum number of viewers with your video. Take a smart and relevant approach to creating metadata, provide transcriptions so that search engines can index them properly, and setup a video sitemap.
  • Don’t be antisocial with your video. Allow people to share it, and use a proper branding strategy so that you can lead people to your own website even if it is uploaded elsewhere. In fact, encourage sharing—and make share-worthy videos for that matter.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Perth SEO Company Explains How Audi's R8 Promo Serves as an SEO Model

The #WantAnR8 campaign lived up to its name (although it doesn’t get the winner a free R8). In 2011, an avid Audi devotee from Washington, D.C. got the chance to drive an R8 for one day and quickly fell in love with the sports car. Cristo describes it as an effort to develop mutual trust between the seller and a potential customer.

You have your own definition of trust, Google has its own; but they share the same idea. Search engine optimisation (SEO) experts point out that links to credible sources, terms and conditions, and videos, among other things, help determine the trustworthiness of a webpage. Organic rankings, experts say, is built on relevance and trust.

Audi’s contest succeeded as a marketing campaign due to the achievement of three key factors–surprise, audience, and technology. In this regard, a Perth SEO company like West Point Media makes sure to maximise the resources available when creating an online marketing strategy.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Perth Marketing Consultant on the Power of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing, then, takes into account a basic truth: businesses must go wherever people go. Considering that there are now around two billion social media users worldwide, it makes sense for businesses to promote their brands by means of such things as profile updates and hashtags. Today, social media should form a core component of any online marketing strategy, whether or not you’re in the film industry.

As the demise of movie websites goes to show, one’s chances of exposure without the help of social media are all but slim. Any business in Western Australia that wishes to launch a viral marketing campaign would do well to consult seasoned Perth marketing consultants like West Point Media.

Friday, June 6, 2014

In Good Company: Choosing an SEO Marketing Firm

Given the Internet’s growing influence and use worldwide, it would make sense for businesses to establish their presences online through websites as a form of marketing. However, possessing a website doesn’t guarantee that a business can get customers on the Web, especially if the prospects can’t even find their way to the pages. Thus, search engine optimisation is a must for businesses serious about their Web marketing efforts.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Perth SEO Company Provides Guidance on the Proper Use of Keywords

Keyword choice is where many companies need assistance from a knowledgeable Perth search engine optimisation company as it is easy to make mistakes in the selection. There are several common pitfalls that can be avoided with professional help: the use of general or irrelevant keywords which do not help at all in raising a website’s rank, the presence of too many excessively long keywords, and overlooking the reuse of keyword combinations. Working with a dedicated SEO company in Perth will help make sure that these do not happen, and a thorough website audit will be able to correct them if they are currently present on your webpage.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Responsive Web Design: Why Marketing Consultants in Perth Recommend It

An established Perth marketing consultant like West Point Media will be able to help add that extra something – a responsive web design. Such type of web design relies on a set of elements that allow a website to be viewed on different devices with ease, wherein the display and layout are being adjusted depending on what gadget is used to access the site.