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Thursday, March 27, 2014

How a Trusted Perth Marketing Consultant Can Help Your Business Grow

Social media is now utilised to advertise products and services, and as a platform to gather feedback from existing and potential customers. In fact, the volume of customer feedback on social media sites now greatly contribute to a company’s SEO success.

In conjuction with Google’s new algorithms, the success of social media marketing depends greatly on current and updated content. This is something many companies may not have the resources nor the expertise to manage. Local businesses that wish to optimise their presence on social media sites would do well to enlist the services of a leading Perth social media marketing firm like West Point Media.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

SEO 101: Keywords

SEO is all about keywords: a potential client finds a product or service by typing in a string of words on a search engine. This is accomplished by optimising website content to capture and attract audiences that are looking for the company’s products and services.
The right choice of keywords ensure that a website reaches its market. On the other hand, wrong keyword choice can fail to make a website rank and reach its intended consumers. This is why internet marketing and SEO firms are best to handle your search engine optimisation strategy. They can conduct the necessary market research and competitor analysis to devise an SEO campaign that’s suited to your business needs.
In terms of content, writing about everything is a good way to showcase to the world how much you know. However, a bulk of articles overly seasoned with several different keywords will not help your business reach the first page of Google any better. It is best to pick a few yet highly relevant keywords for your website to flourish. Quality content optimised with the top keywords relevant to your industry can help your website rank faster.

With Google’s current algorithms, quality is king, and businesses must make sure that there is enough content circulating online to increase website traffic. Business owners looking to attract more customers and increase sales can consult with SEO firms to obtain the internet marketing strategy that’s right for them. 

Why Hiring A Marketing Consultant Is A Good Idea

Getting a marketing consultant for your company can be a daunting experience. After all, marketing is often associated with a company going big time. However, this is a mistaken assumption. Small businesses can also benefit from having a marketing consultant to assist them. Sometimes, this is even the best option.

First, let's talk about the options a business has about marketing. The owner can either do it on their own, hire a professional full-time, or get a marketing consultant part-time. Small businesses can benefit most from a consultant, while bigger companies usually go for a full-time marketing guy.

Marketing consultants bring a lot of experience with them, and even companies with a marketing staff can benefit from an outsider coming in to shake things up. An outsider's perspective can be important in marketing and that's exactly what a consultant can bring. They are also cost-effective, helping to avoid potential pitfalls, and most of them work for reasonable prices, without the overhead of a regular employee.

Marketing consultants are ideal to assist with short-term marketing campaigns or needs. A couple examples of these are when a company is launching a new product or when a marketing department needs to get off the ground. Knowing when a marketing consultant will benefit your company will greatly help in taking advantage of their skills.

SEO Company in Perth Launches New Line-up of Online Marketing Services

With search engines as fickle as they are, the landscape for Internet marketing is constantly in a state of flux. New marketing opportunities are also opening up alongside it. Mobile and local search continue to see more widespread use here in Australia, and as any progressive SEO company in Perth would know, this is a signal to change. To keep up with the times, West Point Media is undergoing a radical change to redefine the online marketing services we offer our clients so that they can continue to stay one step ahead of the competition.

As part of this update to our services, West Point Media will now be offering search engine optimisation, local search marketing, PPC management, social media marketing, and website audits in our online marketing services line-up. Several of these will be available in structured tiers to provide our diverse collection of clients different levels of service according to their individual needs.