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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

SEO Benefits of Long Tail Keywords

Search engine optimisation (SEO) refers to the techniques online marketing companies use to improve a website’s ranking in a search engine’s results pages (SERPs). However, industry giants like Google don’t exactly reveal what their SERP algorithm is, so marketers use different techniques that work for them based on first-hand experience. One of these is keyword optimisation.

Nevertheless, keyword efficiency is often based on length and specificity. Most marketers deduce that long tail keywords, or those that use comprehensive words instead of general ones (e.g. “recipe for crispy pizza crust” as opposed to just “pizza crust”) are much more likely to earn a good SERP ranking.

Larger Search Volume

While it’s easy to assume that users can’t be bothered to type in longer keywords, this isn’t actually the case. According to search engine experts, searches for short keywords only comprise about 30% of total search volume. The remaining 70%, on the other hand, is made up of long tail searches.

Greater Conversion Rate

When people type in longer keywords, this usually suggests that they are farther along in the buying process. Where someone who types in “car” is probably just browsing for options, a person who searches for “used Toyota Corolla in Melbourne” is more likely intent on purchasing the said vehicle. Furthermore, the bottom 20% of long tail searches generate up to 60% of actual sales.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Effects of Efficient Social Media Marketing

Social media has taken the world by storm—so much so that it has even superseded the power of marketing films in their official movie websites. Indeed, sites like Facebook and Twitter are much more efficient in generating buzz and engaging people. This is why any good marketing consultant will tell you that your business cannot ignore the need for social media marketing.
A Bit of History
The practice of putting up movie websites began in 1994 with the sci-fi film Stargate; the site has long since been taken down. Back then, anyone with at least basic knowledge of HTML can design their own movie site (or any website for that matter). Eventually, movie websites grew beyond animated GIFs and HTML codes.
Following social media's debut as a marketing medium, teen vampire romance Twilight became the first movie to reach a million followers on Twitter. Meanwhile, the producers of horror film Paranormal Activity caved in under pressure from a million requests over social media for a U.S.-wide release. The public’s response resulted in a $15,000 film raking in a whopping $107.9 million domestic gross sales.
Social media marketing, thus, takes into account this basic truth: businesses must go wherever people go. Considering that there are now around two billion social media users worldwide, it makes sense for businesses to promote their brands by means of such things as profile updates and hashtags. Social media as a core component should form part of any company’s online marketing strategy.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

SEO Evolution: What to Expect in 2015

The changes that are happening in the online marketing industry are fast enough to take any business owner by surprise. These changes have been taking place ever since Google and other search engine websites started developing their algorithms. The online marketing system that is most affected by these changes is the search engine optimisation (SEO), primarily because it depends directly on algorithm changes.

We are halfway through 2014 and much of the predictions online marketing experts made for SEO are now happening. Yet even before advertisers can taste the best of SEO this year, new predictions are already laid down. It seems like with the current trends, SEO advertisers will have a hard time in 2015 as other types of online marketing are slowly taking over.

However, SEO will remain strong with the help of the algorithm changes themselves. Search engine sites like Google understand that more and more Internet users are becoming interested in social media. As part of their system revamp, they have started to integrate social media marketing with traditional SEO both to better engage the market in the industries and to use a more effective ranking tool.

Also in 2015, mobile will be king. Website owners have to make a mobile-friendly website that can better serve their clients. Bigger markets will prefer to use their mobile to browse the Web as 2015 closes in so it’s better to start the revamp now.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Important Tips to Using Video as a Marketing Tool

Video is a great way to reach your audiences and really touch them in a way no other type of media can. By engaging both their senses of sight and hearing, audiences are treated to a more immersive experience than they would otherwise have when simply reading successive blocks of text. It is for precisely this reason that many businesses are turning to video as a marketing tool to reach out to new customers and draw them in.

When marketing with video, it is important to remember the following things:

  • Your video must always provide your customers with value. There are several ways that it can do this, including showing customers how to solve certain problems (how-to videos, tutorials, etc.) or providing them with new information (news, documentaries, etc.). You could also use video as an interactive element, providing the setting for quizzes, surveys, and the like.
  • Never forget about the technical side of video search engine optimization—after all, you’re trying to reach the maximum number of viewers with your video. Take a smart and relevant approach to creating metadata, provide transcriptions so that search engines can index them properly, and setup a video sitemap.
  • Don’t be antisocial with your video. Allow people to share it, and use a proper branding strategy so that you can lead people to your own website even if it is uploaded elsewhere. In fact, encourage sharing—and make share-worthy videos for that matter.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Perth SEO Company Explains How Audi's R8 Promo Serves as an SEO Model

The #WantAnR8 campaign lived up to its name (although it doesn’t get the winner a free R8). In 2011, an avid Audi devotee from Washington, D.C. got the chance to drive an R8 for one day and quickly fell in love with the sports car. Cristo describes it as an effort to develop mutual trust between the seller and a potential customer.

You have your own definition of trust, Google has its own; but they share the same idea. Search engine optimisation (SEO) experts point out that links to credible sources, terms and conditions, and videos, among other things, help determine the trustworthiness of a webpage. Organic rankings, experts say, is built on relevance and trust.

Audi’s contest succeeded as a marketing campaign due to the achievement of three key factors–surprise, audience, and technology. In this regard, a Perth SEO company like West Point Media makes sure to maximise the resources available when creating an online marketing strategy.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Perth Marketing Consultant on the Power of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing, then, takes into account a basic truth: businesses must go wherever people go. Considering that there are now around two billion social media users worldwide, it makes sense for businesses to promote their brands by means of such things as profile updates and hashtags. Today, social media should form a core component of any online marketing strategy, whether or not you’re in the film industry.

As the demise of movie websites goes to show, one’s chances of exposure without the help of social media are all but slim. Any business in Western Australia that wishes to launch a viral marketing campaign would do well to consult seasoned Perth marketing consultants like West Point Media.

Friday, June 6, 2014

In Good Company: Choosing an SEO Marketing Firm

Given the Internet’s growing influence and use worldwide, it would make sense for businesses to establish their presences online through websites as a form of marketing. However, possessing a website doesn’t guarantee that a business can get customers on the Web, especially if the prospects can’t even find their way to the pages. Thus, search engine optimisation is a must for businesses serious about their Web marketing efforts.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Perth SEO Company Provides Guidance on the Proper Use of Keywords

Keyword choice is where many companies need assistance from a knowledgeable Perth search engine optimisation company as it is easy to make mistakes in the selection. There are several common pitfalls that can be avoided with professional help: the use of general or irrelevant keywords which do not help at all in raising a website’s rank, the presence of too many excessively long keywords, and overlooking the reuse of keyword combinations. Working with a dedicated SEO company in Perth will help make sure that these do not happen, and a thorough website audit will be able to correct them if they are currently present on your webpage.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Responsive Web Design: Why Marketing Consultants in Perth Recommend It

An established Perth marketing consultant like West Point Media will be able to help add that extra something – a responsive web design. Such type of web design relies on a set of elements that allow a website to be viewed on different devices with ease, wherein the display and layout are being adjusted depending on what gadget is used to access the site.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Make Marketing Happen: Enlisting Consultants

No business can ever hope to succeed without some form of marketing to back them up. Marketing is what gives a company and its products or services coverage; by establishing a solid presence or brand, customers are more likely to notice and purchase from a business that’s well-marketed. There are many ways to market a business, but each method has to be executed properly for maximum effect.

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Impact of Algorithms on SEO

If you wish to strengthen your search engine optimisation efforts, you must first be familiar about how search engines work, particularly Google. A term that you should know well is “algorithm,” which you’ve likely encountered in past instances. What exactly is an algorithm and how is it related to SEO? Read on to find out.

In mathematics, an algorithm refers to a series of steps involved in solving a mathematical equation. In SEO jargon, an algorithm works in a similar principle. It is a set of rules or a formula which a search engine like Google uses to sift through billions and billions of web pages so it can come up with the most relevant search results for internet users.

If you wish to obtain information on a specific brand of smartphone, for example, you go to Google and type the phone’s name on the search tab, adding adjectives like “affordable” or “used” to narrow your search. Without an algorithm, the results that this search will produce will be a mixture of useful and useless links. However, with algorithm at work, the search results will generate useful links, and you’ll certainly find the info you were looking for.

Google’s algorithms undergo constant changes. For this reason, it is imperative for SEO specialists to keep up-to-date with such changes so they can modify their SEO strategies accordingly. For optimum SEO results, look for an SEO company that follows these algorithm changes religiously.

Online Marketing Tips

Online marketing has become an effective tool for promoting the products and services of a certain company to a larger audience. The internet’s 24/7 nature also assures companies that their internet marketing efforts through their websites remain consistent, regardless of the SEO campaign used.
Thus, a multitude of businesses do their best to construct a solid marketing strategy to cater to a massive online audience. Business owners who want to make it to the top of the search engine results pages for their services should heavily focus on several matters to become more relevant to search engine spiders.
One of the first things that must be considered is the amount of content being generated to push the business’s webpages up the ranks. Customers who want to learn more about certain products and services tend to trust a business that produces high-quality content which answers their queries.
Social media is also a relevant field in advertising the company. A business can be assured of a ready audience ever since social networking sites exploded in popularity a few years back. Focusing online marketing on social networks is an effective way of getting the attention of potential customers.
These are only some of the things that can be done to make a company’s online marketing campaign a success. If businesses can take advantage of these channels in the proper way, they will never go wrong.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Perth SEO Company: When it Comes to Keywords, Longer is Often Better

When Google released the Panda and Hummingbird algorithm updates, the search giant reaffirmed its commitment to surfacing only the most relevant, high-quality webpages to users. Despite these changes though, all search engines—be it Google, Yahoo! Or Bing—“crawl” a page’s text to decipher what it’s all about. As of yet, none of the big three have developed a technology that allows them to parse a website based solely on its graphics or videos.

So even with today’s ever more sophisticated search engines, text-based SEO techniques like keyword insertion are as important as ever. Choosing the best keyword, however, is a ball game unto itself.

As Perth SEO company West Point Media puts it, choosing the perfect keyword is a lot like the Goldilocks equation: not too broad, but not too specific. Aside from increased visibility, what are the other benefits of targeting long tail keywords?

Monday, April 28, 2014

Top Marketing Consultant in Perth Discusses the Future of Local Search

Just how big is the Internet? According to, there are about 1.7 billion indexed webpages as of April 2014 alone. Despite this staggering size, the Internet is not a mere jumble of random data—far from it. For people the world over, it is a vital source of information, whether they are keeping up with the latest news headlines or looking up screening times at a cinema.

To find the information they need, however, almost all Internet users utilize search engines like Google. In much the same way that Google updates its algorithms, the way people use search engines has also changed over the years.

Timothy Eng, a veteran Perth marketing consultant, says that local search is still a burgeoning field and will see many developments in 2014 as it becomes an integral part of search queries.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

How a Trusted Perth Marketing Consultant Can Help Your Business Grow

Social media is now utilised to advertise products and services, and as a platform to gather feedback from existing and potential customers. In fact, the volume of customer feedback on social media sites now greatly contribute to a company’s SEO success.

In conjuction with Google’s new algorithms, the success of social media marketing depends greatly on current and updated content. This is something many companies may not have the resources nor the expertise to manage. Local businesses that wish to optimise their presence on social media sites would do well to enlist the services of a leading Perth social media marketing firm like West Point Media.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

SEO 101: Keywords

SEO is all about keywords: a potential client finds a product or service by typing in a string of words on a search engine. This is accomplished by optimising website content to capture and attract audiences that are looking for the company’s products and services.
The right choice of keywords ensure that a website reaches its market. On the other hand, wrong keyword choice can fail to make a website rank and reach its intended consumers. This is why internet marketing and SEO firms are best to handle your search engine optimisation strategy. They can conduct the necessary market research and competitor analysis to devise an SEO campaign that’s suited to your business needs.
In terms of content, writing about everything is a good way to showcase to the world how much you know. However, a bulk of articles overly seasoned with several different keywords will not help your business reach the first page of Google any better. It is best to pick a few yet highly relevant keywords for your website to flourish. Quality content optimised with the top keywords relevant to your industry can help your website rank faster.

With Google’s current algorithms, quality is king, and businesses must make sure that there is enough content circulating online to increase website traffic. Business owners looking to attract more customers and increase sales can consult with SEO firms to obtain the internet marketing strategy that’s right for them. 

Why Hiring A Marketing Consultant Is A Good Idea

Getting a marketing consultant for your company can be a daunting experience. After all, marketing is often associated with a company going big time. However, this is a mistaken assumption. Small businesses can also benefit from having a marketing consultant to assist them. Sometimes, this is even the best option.

First, let's talk about the options a business has about marketing. The owner can either do it on their own, hire a professional full-time, or get a marketing consultant part-time. Small businesses can benefit most from a consultant, while bigger companies usually go for a full-time marketing guy.

Marketing consultants bring a lot of experience with them, and even companies with a marketing staff can benefit from an outsider coming in to shake things up. An outsider's perspective can be important in marketing and that's exactly what a consultant can bring. They are also cost-effective, helping to avoid potential pitfalls, and most of them work for reasonable prices, without the overhead of a regular employee.

Marketing consultants are ideal to assist with short-term marketing campaigns or needs. A couple examples of these are when a company is launching a new product or when a marketing department needs to get off the ground. Knowing when a marketing consultant will benefit your company will greatly help in taking advantage of their skills.

SEO Company in Perth Launches New Line-up of Online Marketing Services

With search engines as fickle as they are, the landscape for Internet marketing is constantly in a state of flux. New marketing opportunities are also opening up alongside it. Mobile and local search continue to see more widespread use here in Australia, and as any progressive SEO company in Perth would know, this is a signal to change. To keep up with the times, West Point Media is undergoing a radical change to redefine the online marketing services we offer our clients so that they can continue to stay one step ahead of the competition.

As part of this update to our services, West Point Media will now be offering search engine optimisation, local search marketing, PPC management, social media marketing, and website audits in our online marketing services line-up. Several of these will be available in structured tiers to provide our diverse collection of clients different levels of service according to their individual needs.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Importance of SEO for Competitive Businesses

Businesses can’t survive without a modicum of marketing to back them up. Without any effort to promote itself, a business can easily be overshadowed by established competitors despite having a superior product or service. Of the various forms marketing can come in, web marketing is potentially one of the best ways to promote a business, regardless of the size, due to its global reach.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Why You Need a Marketing Consultant

The Australian economy is expected to be a bonzer this year, according to the latest forecast from the Reserve Bank of Australia. This piece of good news also means that now is an ideal time to get a business off the ground in cities like Perth. To keep up with the competition, startup businesses would do well to tap the expertise of reputable marketing consultants.