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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Perth SEO Company: When it Comes to Keywords, Longer is Often Better

When Google released the Panda and Hummingbird algorithm updates, the search giant reaffirmed its commitment to surfacing only the most relevant, high-quality webpages to users. Despite these changes though, all search engines—be it Google, Yahoo! Or Bing—“crawl” a page’s text to decipher what it’s all about. As of yet, none of the big three have developed a technology that allows them to parse a website based solely on its graphics or videos.

So even with today’s ever more sophisticated search engines, text-based SEO techniques like keyword insertion are as important as ever. Choosing the best keyword, however, is a ball game unto itself.

As Perth SEO company West Point Media puts it, choosing the perfect keyword is a lot like the Goldilocks equation: not too broad, but not too specific. Aside from increased visibility, what are the other benefits of targeting long tail keywords?

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